Vodafone {GLOBAL}

London agency “Brand Union” commissioned me to shoot a library of images for their global campaign.  On the morning of the agency and client arriving in Cape Town a huge swell was pounding our outer reefs. I boarded a boat at dawn that dropped us several kilometers out to sea where we rode gigantic waves for a few hours. Hurrying back to the harbor, I quickly dried off and sped into town to meet the team and begin our 10 day shoot. (the image of me below was shot by Sean  A Thompson)

DSC_5755-2B18A0574_v2 copy IMG_2745_final_v4 copy ADID1664_v2 copy ADID1137_final_v1 copy ADID0390_v1 copy 1M3A9901_v2 copy 1M3A6700_final_v1 copy 503A5775_v3 copy 503A6162_final_v1 copy IMG_3243_v1 copy IMG_5163_final_v2 copy IMG_0166_final_v3 copy IMG_3750_v1 copy IMG_4417-2_v1 copy B18A9598_v1 copy ADID7589_v2 copy B18A0243_v1 copy ADID7535_v2 copy ADID7369_v1 copy ADID9183_v3 copy ADID8825_final_v1 copy ADID8569-2_final_v1 copy B18A9736_v3 copy

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